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Pinball machine for sale





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Category: Machines

Game Type: Solid State Electronic (SS)

Manufacturer: Bally

Year manufactured: 1981

Description: Eight Ball Deluxe is a classic and highly collectable pin made by Bally in 1981 and today, it is a model that is becoming scarcer to find (especially in good condition). The machine being offered for sale is the first version (due to popularity, Bally re-released EBD with different cabinets two more times during the 80's) which is the most sought after edition of this model. This pin is currently in the "IPDB Top 100 Rated Electronic Pinball Machines" chart, as well as the “Pinside Pinball Top 100” chart. The machine that we are offering for sale is working 100% OK without errors: general illumination, switched lamps, solenoids, flippers and all the mechanisms were revised before being re installed and they are working correctly. The playfield is a new repro that has been installed recently and has not been played except to test the flippers, coils, switches and bulbs. As is the case with the majority of EBD playfields produced by IPB (Illinois Pinball Co.), it has some small imperfections in the rack zone; however, these do not affect the playability of the machine. Mechanisms (Bumpers, Kickers, Outhole, Drop Target Assemblies, Eject Holes and Flippers) were fully cleaned and refurbished. Flippers were rebuilt (new E.O.S., new plungers, new pawls, new flipper switches on cabinet, new flipper bats, etc.). The full set of plastics is new. The set of six clear plastics pieces is also new. A new set of 12 drop targets was installed in this machine. The full set of blue posts is new. The three bumper caps, bumper rings, bumper bodies, and bumper skirts are new. Lamps for the general and switched illumination are working 100% OK. All new bulbs were installed throughout the machine. A new set of rubbers was installed. The backglass is the original (not a reproduction) and it is in excellent condition (probably a 9.8 into a scale from 0 to 10) with no signs of bubbling, peeling, cracking, etc. The exterior of the cabinet was fully repainted. Custom stencils were made matching the colors and artwork from the original paint on the cabinet. The interior of the backbox and the lower cabinet were repainted. They are extremely clean. A full new set of labels was installed in the backbox and lower cabinet. Boards are originals and they are in excellent condition. Sounds and speech are clear. The set of displays is working 100% OK with excellent brightness and without segments or digits missing or always "on". The tempered glass which covers the playfield is brand new. Front door and backbox have locks with the corresponding keys. A keyfob related with this game is also included. Two coin mechs for quarters and one for Susan B. Anthony dollar coins are included. They are working without problems. Original cashbox is included. Legs were repainted and they look like new. Leg levelers are new. A copy of the manual & schematics is included.