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Pinball machine for sale




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Category: Machines

Game Type: Solid State Electronic (SS)

Manufacturer: Data East

Year manufactured: 1992

Description: Here is for sale a classic and highly collectable Star Wars pinball machine made by Data East in 1992. A few different Star Wars pinball machines have been made, but the Data East version has always remained the most sought after edition of this model. The machine that we are offering for sale is working 100% OK without errors: general illumination, switched lamps, flaher lamps, solenoids, flippers and all the mechanisms were revised and they are working correctly. The artwork of the playfield looks in good condition. The surface was cleaned & polished, and a new set of black rubbers was installed. Translite is in good condition. Flippers have a lot of power. A new set of bats was installed. The three white drop targets with decals are new. The artwork on the lower cabinet and the backbox looks decent from an overall view, but there are a lot of retouches made on them (especially on both sides of the lower cabinet and the front). If desired, a full set of decals is available for sale in the market that can be installed to upgrade this cabinet in the future. Interior of the lower cabinet and backbox are clean. The three motors (Death Star, bar target, and R2D2) installed on the playfield are working. The one that turns the Death Star is a little noisy, but it rotates without problems. Boards are originals and they are in good condition. Sounds and speech are very clear. There are several broken plastics on the playfield (very common in this model). New individual replacements for most of them are available for sale in the market. The newly released version of the software is installed on the CPU (the original software is also included in a second chip). It adds new features, balanced rules, etc. The dot matrix display is working 100% OK with no lines or dots missing or always on. Brightness is very good. One of the exterior black metal siderails has a small dent near the upper zone (not overly noticeable). Front door and backbox have locks with the corresponding keys. The machine is currently programmed for free play. Two coin mechs for quarters are included and they are working without problems. Leg levelers are new. Original coin box is included. Original manual & schematics is included.