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Pinball machine for sale




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Category: Machines

Game Type: Solid State Electronic (SS)

Manufacturer: Stern

Year manufactured: 1980

Description: Previous owner claimed that his parents purchased this Stern Galaxy in 1980 and it had been in the family ever since. We can't confirm the veracity of the previous statement, but based on the overall condition of the machine, it does not seem like this pin was on locations. The machine that we are offering for sale is working 100% OK without errors: general illumination, switched lamps, solenoids, flippers and all the mechanisms were revised and they are working correctly. The artwork of the playfield looks in good condition. It has some small retouches. A new set of drop targets was installed. The six plastic rollover guides are new. The set of plastics is in good condition with no broken pieces. The set of rubbers is new. Backglass is near perfect. The lower cabinet and the backbox are in very solid condition with some retouches made here and there. The set of displays is working 100% OK with excellent brightness and without segments or digits missing or always "on". The interior of the lower cabinet and the backbox are very clean. Sounds are working correctly. Two coin mechs for quarters are installed and they are working without problems. The four leg levelers are new. The four legs and the front door were repainted. Front door and backbox have locks with the corresponding keys. The original manual & schematics is included.